Walmart Account Management

Management and administration of Walmart accounts for companies

Walmart account management allows the brand to forget about managing its account on the Walmart Marketplace platform, putting it in the hands of experienced professionals who improve its performance.

Management by professionals of the brand's Marketplace

Walmart account management

Despite the potential of Walmart Marketplace today, managing an account on this Marketplace site involves controlling the different sections of the platform. Walmart Account Management for Business takes care of everything related to the Marketplace managed by experienced professionals.

A complete management

Benefits of Walmart account management

As with any e-commerce platform, achieving growth at Walmart requires strategies that allow the brand in question to stand out from the competition. At Hemsel we have extensive knowledge and a long history in electronic commerce, which allows us to promote the development of small and large businesses on platforms such as Walmart Marketplace. Among the services that can be accessed with Walmart account management are:
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Catalog optimization
  • Walmart Account Setup
  • Branding
  • Study of the market and the main competitors
  • Advertising strategies
More users, fewer sellers

Advantages of Walmart Marketplace

More customers, more sales

Behind Amazon, Walmart Marketplace is the most powerful eCommerce platform today. The number of active users increases daily, which allows you to reach more customers and increase profits.

Less competition than Amazon

Despite its growth, Walmart does not have the large volume of competition that exists in Amazon. This makes it easier to stand out and occupy the top positions.

Free support

Another great benefit of Walmart is its offer of free support services. Thus, the platform should only be paid when a sale is made.

Tips for selling at Walmart

Keep inventory up to date

It is important to reflect a good image at Walmart so as not to be penalized and to achieve a large number of sales. In this way, it is important to avoid any kind of problem with the inventory.

Good product description

The descriptions must contain all kinds of details so that the user is not left with any doubts and makes the purchase.

Request promotions

Walmart offers different promotions with which to increase the visibility and sales of sellers.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored products give the brand a privileged place to drive sales. However, to be effective, the keywords and products must be chosen correctly.

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