eCommerce Workshops

Customized strategies for companies

Our eCommerce workshops aim to improve the brand’s e-commerce performance by designing a completely customized strategy. A team of professionals will analyze where the company is and together they will define objectives.

Specialize in the digital world

E-Commerce workshop to increase profits

With this completely personalized workshop, brands acquire the necessary knowledge to easily navigate the E-Commerce business model.

With an E-Commerce workshop, the brand will be able to locate the best platform for its business, as well as design strategies, determine logistics or choose the main monitoring KPIs.

Design of a tailor-made strategy for the brand

What do you get with our eCommerce workshops?

With our eCommerce workshops, we help brands develop their online sales strategy, increasing conversions and brand awareness.
  • Expert advice from eCommerce professionals
  • SEO audit to improve web positioning and increase organic traffic
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Digital marketing strategy design
  • Branding plan to position the brand in the mind of your buyer persona
  • Email marketing campaign
We want to listen to the brands

How do our eCommerce workshops work?


The first step is getting to know each other. We will define the objectives of the firm’s project and together we will analyze your online business and your needs.

Report and strategy

After an in-depth analysis by our eCommerce experts, we will design a completely personalized strategy that fits the brand, its needs and objectives.


At Hemsel we check the implementation of the strategy, its evolution and its results. Depending on how the action plan evolves, we will propose adjustments to improve performance.

Who can benefit from our eCommerce workshops?

Our eCommerce workshops are an optimal learning and development tool for:
  • Companies that wish to specialize in electronic commerce
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create their own eCommerce
  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their online presence
  • Any person or business that wants to increase the performance of their online business

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