Website Audits

Improved website performance

The web audit addresses each point that makes up a web page in order to cure those aspects that are harming its effectiveness. Thus, the results are greater visibility, an increase in visitors and an increase in conversions.

Improving the opportunities of the web

Website Audit

There are many occasions in which the weak points of a website are overlooked, points that only the expert eye of a professional is capable of detecting and solving. These details that may seem insignificant, are the cause of the performance of the page is not optimal.

With a web audit, brands can detect possible errors on their web pages. This analysis aims to maximize benefits and improve the user experience when interacting with the website.

A website curation process

Why should a web audit be carried out?

The web audit aims to analyze the state of health of the website of a brand or business so that it improves its visibility on the internet and thus can reach more customers and increase its sales.

The need for web auditing increases in line with the degree of damage to the web. In any case, in a quality audit, the initial analysis is always accompanied by solutions to improve the state of the page in question.

It is advisable to carry out a web audit from time to time in order to avoid the deterioration of the web and make sure that everything is as it should.

An in-depth study

What does a web audit include?

Web usability analysis

The web audit measures the ease with which the user navigates through the web page, as well as the possible reasons that may cause visitors to leave the page.

Conversion analysis

Beyond the ease of navigation, the audit aims to measure the simplicity of the conversion process for the user and the attractiveness and effectiveness of the actions that invite him to make the conversion.

SEO analysis

The elements that search engines take into account when positioning the page in the search results pages will be reviewed.

Security Analysis

Within the web audit, a study of the security of the page and of the possible cracks present that give rise to attacks by hackers is also taken into account.

Advantages of a web audit

The web audit entails multiple advantages for the business behind the web page to be analyzed:
  • Better web positioning.
  • Increased recognition and awareness of the brand.
  • Greater reach and, therefore, a greater number of clients.
  • Increased conversions.
  • Competitive advantage
By leaving the website in the hands of professionals like Hemsel, the web audit manages to get the most out of a website so that it acts as a true sales, growth and loyalty tool.

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