Brand Store Creation for Amazon

Design, optimization and management of Amazon Brand Stores
Through a personalized design and management service from Amazon Brand Stores, brands have the option of creating a showcase in which to display their catalog and differentiate themselves on the platform.
A tool to maximize sales

Amazon Brand Stores

The Amazon Brand Store is a tool provided by Amazon to its sellers, vendors, and agencies for free. It consists of a multi-page showcase in which to display the brand’s products as a personalized catalog. Each Amazon Store has different pages, among which the home page and category pages stand out, which will lead to the product detail page. In addition, the brand will be able to access an Amazon URL.
Custom templates

Different options in Amazon Brand Stores

Amazon Brand Stores allows you to create a completely personalized Amazon website, thanks to the freedom that the platform provides in the design. Brands can access predefined templates. However, resorting to this resource impoverishes the potential of the tool, since it does not allow offering a unique value proposition.

Unique design

In Amazon Stores you can choose between the marquee template, the storefront template, the grid template, or the blank template. The latter is the one indicated for those brands that want to differentiate themselves on the platform. Through a box system, you can choose all kinds of formats to convey the brand image and draw the user’s attention.

Advantages of Amazon Brand Stores

The great advantage of the Amazon Brand Stores is the visibility that this tool brings to the products, improving the possibilities of sale. Thanks to the design opportunities offered by Amazon, the user can navigate through the page as if they were navigating through a non-Amazon website. For all these reasons, Amazon Brand Stores provides several benefits:
  • Increase traffic and product visibility.
  • Transmit the brand message.
  • Improve customer loyalty.
  • Global view of the brand’s catalogue.

Possibilities of Amazon Brand Stores

Through Amazon Brand Stores, brands can strengthen their advertising strategies. For example, pages can be created for seasonal products, such as those related to Christmas. At the same time, it also provides the opportunity to announce the launch of a new product or a discount through a widget. In order to get the most out of it, it is important to be familiar with the tool and with all the possibilities it offers.

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