Account Management Services for Amazon

Comprehensive Amazon account management
From the design of A+ Content or a sales strategy to SEO positioning on Amazon, Amazon account management frees brands from a heavy workload while improving their performance on the platform.
Leveraging the potential of Amazon

Amazon account management

The Amazon account management service aims both to optimize the performance of brands already present on the platform and to help those who want to expand their business with Amazon, but do not know how to do it. Amazon account management is available for the Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central platforms. In addition, this service is suitable for all phases of the Amazon sales process.
Comprehensive management by experts

What services does it include?

Amazon account management includes all those tasks that aim to improve the profitability of the brand on the Marketplace platform.

In depth study

Before carrying out any action, a team of experts will carry out a market study in which the target audience and the competition, among others, will be investigated. Through analysis tools, the team of professionals will study the strategy to follow. Among other issues, Amazon account management includes:
  • SEO positioning on Amazon.
  • Design by A+ Content.
  • Creation of Amazon Brand Stores.
  • Monitoring competitors.
  • Product optimization.
  • Sales strategy.
  • Amazon International
  • Amazon Advertising

Benefits of Amazon account management

The main benefit of comprehensive Amazon account management is the optimization of the performance and profitability of the Marketplace platform. In addition, putting the brand’s Amazon account in the hands of experts saves a lot of time, having the opportunity to invest it in other sectors of the business. By externalizing this service, brands have the guarantee that their presence on Amazon is always optimized according to the business strategy.

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