FMCG Digital Advertising

Advertising for fast-moving consumer goods

Digital advertising for the FMCG sector adapts to the behavior of electronic commerce and consumers.

Digital advertising for FMCG​
A paradigm shift

Digital advertising for FMCG

The fast-moving consumer goods sector has very specific characteristics that require a digital advertising campaign designed especially for it.

The products of the FMCG sector have a very powerful gap in electronic commerce. Some of the skills that consumers most value in this form of purchase are the flexibility of hours, saving time and the possibility of finding everything you need in one place.

Sector Specific Characteristics

Digital advertising tips for FMCG

The new paradigm in which the FMCG sector is developing brings with it a series of particular characteristics:
  • Consumer = buyer: the chain is shortened and the buyer accepts the figure of final consumer.
  • Personalized approach: advertising is focused on satisfying a certain segment of consumers.
  • Advertising as a stimulus: the consumer receives advertising as a stimulus from which he then seeks information. The purchase will be determined by the collection of data found on the brand in search engines.
  • Full prominence to competitive advantages as a tool to differentiate yourself in a saturated market.
Digital advertising tips for FMCG​
100% specialized campaigns​
Specialization as the norm

100% specialized campaigns

It is crucial to choose a select audience to target the product. Around the definition of this target audience will go the entire advertising strategy. A 100% personalized campaign adapted to the brand and its consumers is characterized by:
  • Personalized language that shares register with the readings that the client is used to doing, but at the same time draws their attention through creativity.
  • Elements that make up the brand image.
  • Valuing the unique characteristics of the product
  • Media plan according to the target
  • Monitoring through KPIs

Benefits of digital advertising for FMCG

More users, more sales

The consumer no longer has to go to the nearest store to see the product. Simply by reading an article on a topic that interests you, you may come across the brand.

Consolidated brand identity

The fast-moving consumer goods sector has enormous competition. This makes it necessary to differentiate the brand in order to stand out from other similar products, something that digital advertising achieves.

Very valuable data

Digital advertising provides a huge amount of data, which is extremely valuable and serves to understand the consumer and thus refine strategies and improve results.
Benefits of digital advertising for FMCG

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