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We build software-powered business

Made by Many has re-written the rule book on how to create lean, agile teams inside established corporations, bringing digital to the centre of business thinking. We’ve taken over 80 breakthrough digital products to market in 14 countries and in the process made a deep and lasting impact on our clients’ digital capabilities.


Discovering new opportunities for growth

Rapid change in market ecosystems and technologies creates huge potential to seek out and serve customers better. We focus on digital products that meet real customer needs, open up markets and generate new sources of revenue.

Breakthrough digital strategy is built on powerful customer insights, sensitivity to existing assets and operational impact and the rapid execution of ideas to test and evolve the strategy.

Case study:

From customer insight to launch and scale

Our interdisciplinary teams excel at consumer research and rapid prototyping to test ideas in the wild. Over the last decade we’ve created a team of the smartest product people, brilliant consultants with talents and vast experience in multiple design disciplines, in software engineering and data science, digital strategy and product management.

They are expert in understanding the complex set of technical, human and organisational factors involved in taking new propositions to market and how to integrate them successfully within a legacy business. The result is an outstanding track record of genuine business impact.

Case study:

Made by Many are a phenomenal product design, engineering and product management company. You bring a set of capabilities that allow us as a customer to go faster and validate quicker than often we can do ourselves.


Creating the culture for innovation to thrive

We know that digital transformation changes a business forever. People are a more fundamental factor in product success than either design or technology. We expect to be collaborating closely up, down and across the business, whether working with leadership to build a vision for change, or understanding the detail of process flows around which software needs to fit.

We have our own video team to communicate programme objectives and work in progress throughout our clients’ business. Our goal is to introduce new ways of working and change the mindset through practical demonstration and direct participation, so that we build the strongest possible foundation for continuous innovation and improvement.

Case study:

Building digital product teams within established businesses

We have tailored training programs and a track record of hiring and building teams that can grow and improve what we have started. We expect to enable our clients to create their own Made by Many, through a deliberate programme of skills transfer.

If we believe that every business will be a digital business in the future – suffused with digital, made from it – then it stands to reason that being able to create and manage your own digital products and services becomes a core competence of every scale business in the future.

Case study:

"Most consultants give you fish. Made by Many taught us how to fish"

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