Digital Consulting

External management of the digitization process

A Digital Consulting offers a series of services aimed at brands designing strategies focused on the digital world in an efficient way.

What is a Digital Consulting?​
Optimization of the digital universe of the company

What is a Digital Consulting?

A digital consultancy is a tool whose objective is the adaptation of a brand to the digital world. Through a digital consultancy, companies get external help in the digitization process. Consultants are professionals from the digital world who work to obtain the best possible performance from the online part of the company.

Experts in the digital world

What are the functions of a Digital Consulting?

At the level of tasks, the consultancy performs multiple functions, from a preliminary study of the project, to an analysis of the competition or the results obtained with the strategies carried out. The professionals who are part of the consultancy will work among themselves, each contributing their specific knowledge. Thus, some of the competencies of a Digital Consulting are:
  • Website
  • Digital strategies
  • Customer experience
  • KPI Indicators
  • SEO
  • Social networks
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
What are the functions of a Digital Consulting?​
What advantages does a Digital Consulting have?​
A key tool for digital transformation

What advantages does a Digital Consulting have?

Those in charge of a Digital Consulting are consultants with experience in the managerial field capable of creating and supervising strategies in the digital environment to achieve the objectives that the brand intends to achieve through this channel. A Digital Consulting brings multiple benefits to the company:
  • Improve your online presence
  • Provides a neutral perspective: as it is an external perspective, it is able to see the needs of the company more clearly.
  • Considerable time savings
  • High specialization in each of the branches of the digital world
  • Performance optimization

When should the services of a Digital Consulting be contracted?

A Digital Consultancy is a very useful tool both for those businesses that have just launched into the digital world, and for those that have been operating in this channel for years.

At Hemsel, our Digital Consulting Service is focused on guiding brands in achieving their goals. These can be from increasing the number of clients to carrying out a marketing strategy or improving the positioning in search engines.

When should the services of a Digital Consulting be contracted?​

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