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The pay per click (PPC) advertising model can be incredibly profitable. Accordingly, among the best PPC agencies in the world it is easy to find truly successful businesses.

The return on investment that this advertising model is able to offer is approximately 200%. In other words, if you invest one dollar, you’ll get two dollars back. This is a very high level of profitability that is always worth considering at the marketing level.

However, to be successful at using PPC it is not sufficient to merely create an ad. It is also necessary to ensure proper planning, as is the case with any marketing campaign.

This is where the best PPC agencies come in, meeting the demands of businesses that need the support of an expert to manage everything related to PPC. This can involve a lot more effort behind it than you might expect.

What are the best PPC agencies?

Choosing a PPC agency that suits your business is a challenge, especially when you consider that there are so many available. Therefore, this compilation of established players will help you filter out the detritus and focus only on agencies that are known to have years of experience and a large number of positive reviews from clients around the world.

Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel is almost a legend in digital marketing. He even has one of the most popular keyword research tools for those interested in SEO.

When it comes to PPC, his agency specializes in creating multichannel PPC campaigns, for which they have a number of partners that provide them with first-hand data to optimize their PPC campaigns.

The information obtained by the agency is used to plan the most appropriate strategy, always oriented toward maximizing profitability with the target audience.

It also gives the required value to the audience, as the basis of all campaigns is to provide the targeted demographic with enough information to be able to make an informed buying decision.

Neil Patel Digital’s reputation and the success of its campaigns can be seen in its clients, which include major companies such as GM, Intuit and Facebook. All of these giants were able to meet their profitability objectives through PPC campaigns managed by the agency through its specialization in multichannel digital marketing.

Directive Consulting

This is one of the best PPC agencies for anyone who has a commercial organization, B2B or SaaS business, and requires a dedicated partner to simply manage PPC or offer consulting services.

Their specialty is to help companies achieve highly profitable campaigns through a team that is committed to performing the optimal activities in the campaign background.

Their key approach to meeting objectives is the predictability of their results. This approach is evidenced through the studies that the agency itself has conducted in order to be able to show its clients the results that they have been able to achieve.

The predictability of results that the studies evidence would not leave even the most demanding clients unimpressed. In one of their campaigns they managed to increase lead generation by 91.3% in just three months. Likewise, in this campaign, the cost per lead was reduced by 21.8%. With such a level of success, there is no doubt that this performance marketing agency is worth trusting.


For those who have an e-commerce or B2C company, this is definitely one of the best options. Keep in mind that B2C paid campaigns have their own individual characteristics that make them different from B2B campaigns.

They do not follow the same trends or work with the same markets. In this sense, when the focus is on this type of campaign, it can be convenient to work with a specialized agency that has a comprehensive understanding of this niche.

B2C pay-per-click campaigns are very different from B2B campaigns. Given the different markets and trends, it is thus essential to understand the specifics of your industry.

This is where Stryde stands out from the pack, as e-commerce is its specialty. Heavily focused on this industry, it offers its services to both small and large companies across many different countries.

As is commonplace when considering the best PPC agencies, aspects such as email marketing or SEO are also taken into account. However, they can focus their management entirely on a PPC campaign if the client requires it.

One of their best-known success stories is Lime Ricke, a company dedicated to the manufacture of swimsuits. Following a successful campaign they managed to quintuple the return on investment. Moreover, in the case of Lucy Ave, a women’s clothing brand, the return on investment quadrupled.

These are just some of the results that can be seen by its diverse portfolio of clients. However, they are far from the only ones, which makes it clear that this is an agency that’s more than worthy of being in this selection.

Loud Mouth Media

Loud Mouth Media is a relatively small performance marketing agency and not as well known as some of the aforementioned titans. Nonetheless, this is not an indication that it does not deserve to be among the best PPC agencies. On the contrary, it is an ideal choice for those in search of paid social advertising.

Among its partners are internationally known organizations such as Facebook, Google and Bing. Understandably, when it comes to PPC it is essential that they keep up to date with the latest trends and studies related to this form of digital marketing.

The PPC agency prioritizes quality over quantity, as their team is made up of just 23 expert strategists, creatives and marketing specialists who still achieve astonishing results with companies of a range of sizes all over the world.

It is worth adding that they have also had success in campaigns for clients such as the BBC and Volvo, as well as multiple digital marketing awards.

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Best PPC agencies

The pay per click (PPC) advertising model can be incredibly profitable. Accordingly, among the best PPC agencies in the world

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