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With a market that is increasingly crowded with vendors, it is more necessary than ever to stand out from the competition. Amazon Marketing Services offers your brand a privileged place with which you will exponentially increase your sales.


The price you decide to pay in cost per click goes into an auction, the winners of which are chosen by Amazon’s algorithm. In this auction you will compete with other advertisers similar to you.

The relevance of your brand or product

Amazon analyzes the relevance of what you want to advertise with respect to the advertising space you want to access

How to stand out from the competition

The importance of visibility

Amazon Marketing Services or AMS is the way to be seen in an increasingly saturated market. This is Amazon’s advertising platform, through which different types of ads can be inserted in different locations on the web, in order to increase the visibility of the brand and its sales.

How does Amazon Marketing Services work?

Amazon Marketing Services works through a cost-per-click bidding system. This means that the advertiser does not pay for placing his ad, but for the number of times users click on it. The cost of the clicks will be chosen by the advertiser himself, depending on the impressions he wants to achieve.

What influences the price of the bid?

There are different locations where Amazon ads could appear. As you might guess, some spaces are more relevant than others and therefore generate more impressions.

Within the algorithm that marks the position that your ad will occupy, there are two fundamental factors.

Different options for your brand

Types of ads on Amazon

You can opt for different types of ads within Amazon. Each of them have their particularities and requirements.

Sponsored Products

The sponsored products show a single product. The ad may appear both on the Amazon search results page and on the detail pages of other products. When the user clicks on the ad, Amazon will redirect them to the ad listing.

Manual or automatic segmentation

Segmentation can be done automatically or manually.

Segmentation Manual
  • Keywords: you will have to choose some keywords to do the segmentation. That is, what users will type in the search when we want our ad to appear.
  • Products: You will decide in which product types or categories you want your ad to appear.
Automatic targeting
In automatic targeting, you’ll let Amazon decide the keywords and product matches.

Sponsored Brands

This modality can only be accessed by brands that appear in the Amazon brand registry. Unlike sponsored products, where a specific product appears, brand ads show: the firm’s logo, the tagline and up to 3 products to which you want to give relevance.


Stores are exclusive multi-page sites for those brands that are part of the Amazon Brand Registry. For its realization, the platform provides templates in which all kinds of formats can be included.
Boost sales and your brand positioning

Benefits of Amazon Marketing Services for your business

Increase in sales

When a user enters Amazon, he has a very clear intention: to buy. This makes the conversion odds when a user clicks on your ad very high. data

Valuable data

Amazon provides valuable data that will help you refine your campaigns and redirect your business.

It makes your job easier

The automatic segmentation carried out by Amazon gives you clues about the keywords and the products in which it is recommended that your product appear. advertisement.

Economic savings

The PPC or cost per click translates into considerable savings on investment.

Make it worth it

Tips to optimize your Amazon campaigns

When starting an advertising campaign on Amazon, it is important to be aware of certain issues.

Keep in mind the prohibited categories

There are certain categories of products that are not allowed to be advertised on Amazon.

Bet on your Bestseller or Amazon’s Choice products

These seals confer notoriety to the product and great reliability and confidence to the user. Thus, the level of conversion provided by these types of products is higher than that of other offers.


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